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Pilots: 211
Total Airline Hours: 12,084
Flights: 4,594
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 4,638,669
Aircraft: 63
Passengers: 1,908,319
Routes: 269


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Khreef 2018 tour

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
OMA153Abdulaziz AlbarwaniOOMSLSZHA330-34307.10-68 ft/m Accepted
OMA202Saeed AlbalushiVABBOOMS737-91M03.47-223 ft/m Accepted
OMA201Saeed AlbalushiOOMSVABB737-91M03.14-291 ft/m Accepted
OMA817Munther AlhadidiOOMSVTBSB787-805.51-245 ft/m Accepted
OMA676Abdulaziz AlbarwaniOEJNOOMSA330-24302.43-94 ft/m Accepted
OMA332Fahad A.salaamVNKTOOMSB737-8FZ04.15-69 ft/m Accepted
OMA675Abdulaziz AlbarwaniOOMSOEJNA330-24303.16-199 ft/m Accepted
OMA662Munther AlhadidiOTHHOOMS737-91M01.15-225 ft/m Accepted
OMA661Munther AlhadidiOOMSOTHH737-91M01.20-129 ft/m Accepted
OMA331Fahad A.salaamOOMSVNKTB737-8FZ04.13-301 ft/m Accepted

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