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<h2>Welcome to New Oman Air Virtual</h2>

<p>Website</p> <h2>Welcome to New Oman Air Virtual</h2>

<p>Website</p> <h2>Welcome to New Oman Air Virtual</h2>

<p>Website</p> <h2>Welcome to New Oman Air Virtual</h2>


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Pilots: 178
Total Airline Hours: 10,860
Flights: 4,112
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 4,175,173
Aircraft: 57
Passengers: 1,793,310
Routes: 266


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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
OMA 705Fahad A.salaamHTZAHTDAB737-81M00.20-198 ft/m Pending
OMA904Munther AlhadidiOOSAOOMSA330-24301.23-134 ft/m Accepted
OMA907Eslam DawodOOMSOOSAB737-801.33-1263 ft/m Rejected
OMA903Munther AlhadidiOOMSOOSAA330-24301.33-221 ft/m Accepted
OMA 706Salim ALKHANJRYHTZAOOMSB737-81M05.07-378 ft/m Accepted
OMA706Salim ALKHANJRYHTDAHTZAB737-81M00.30-632 ft/m Rejected
OMA5867Thamir AL-MughairiOOMSOMDBB777-30001.00-114 ft/m Accepted
OMA5866Thamir AL-MughairiOMDBOOMSB777-30001.03-320 ft/m Accepted
OMA601Munther AlhadidiOOMSOMDBB737-81M00.47-160 ft/m Accepted
OMA902Alan LooveesOOSAOOMSE-17501.30-85 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Bids

Khalid has chosen flight OMA816 departing from VTBS arriving at OOMS,and will be flying a B787-9 (A4O-SC)

Abdulaziz has chosen flight OMA131 departing from OOMS arriving at LFPG,and will be flying a B787-9 (A4O-SD)

Ashraf has chosen flight OMA611 departing from OOMS arriving at OMDB,and will be flying a A330-243 (A4O-DA)

Abdullah Hamad Abdullah has chosen flight OMA671 departing from OOMS arriving at OEJN,and will be flying a B787-8 (A4O-SA)

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