<h2>NATIONAL DAY</h2><p>we wish you a happy national day</p> <h2>Guangzhou - ZGGG</h2><p>newest destination to fly virtually start from SEP/2016</p> <h2>AL- NAJAF - ORNI</h2><p>newest destination to fly virtually</p> <h2>FLEETS</h2><p>lets fly the next generation aircrafts</p> <h2>EXPERIENCE</h2><p>the new Oman Air Virtual Flight Simulation</p>

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Total Fights Loged Today: 0
Total Visits Past Hour: 2
Total Pilots Registered: 115
Total Flights Flown: 2420
Total Aircrafts Active: 49
Total Flight Schedules: 229
Total Miles Flown: 2613923
Total Hours Clocked: 6566.37
Virtual Airline Rank: 142

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Flight # No. Origin Destination Fleet / PIC
OMA844 RPLL OOMS A332-343

PIC: Zafli Mirfika
OMA915 OOMS OOSA 737-81M

PIC: Fahad A.salaam
OMA675 OOMS OEJN A330-243

PIC: Abdullah Hamad Abdullah AlMarjibi
OMA5002 HAAB OOMS B737-81M

PIC: Mohammed Al-Yousafi
Flight # No. Origin Destination Status Rate FPM Fleet

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OOMS VCBI Accepted -270 B737-81M

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OOMS LIMC Accepted 0 B787-8
OMA 5449

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OMAA OOMS Accepted -242 A330-243

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WIII OOMS Accepted -85 A330-243

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OOMS OTHH Accepted -260 B737-8BK

Source: IVAO Metar and TAF Information.

Muscat International Airport (ICAO: OOMS)
METAR: OOMS 091050Z 34012KT 9000 NSC 27/19 Q1012 NOSIG
TAF: OOMS 090500Z 0906/1012 34010KT 8000 NSC BECMG 0916/0918 22005KT BECMG 1006/1008 32012KT

Salalah International Airport (ICAO: OOSA)
METAR: OOSA 091050Z 17008KT 130V200 CAVOK 28/22 Q1013 NOSIG
TAF: OOSA 090540Z 0906/1012 07005G15KT 9999 FEW025 BECMG 0915/0917 VRB03KT BECMG 0920/0922 36015KT 7000 NSC

Oman Air Virtual is no way affiliated to the real Oman Air. How ever the brand logo, colors belongs to Oman Air and we use only for the Simulation Purpose for the virtual aviation enthousiast around the globe.

If you are looking for Oman Air website, we kindly request you to visit www.omanair.com

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